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Orlando Ferrand


  1. Translator
    English to Spanish and Spanish to English literary translations All Genres Screenplays Subtitles
  2. Lecturer
    English and Comparative Literature Creative Writing Creative Nonfiction Fiction Playwriting
  3. Writing Coach
    Developmental Editing Sessions In essence, all writing can be creative. My approach to the writing process is organic. I acknowledge that there is a healing benefit derived from the practice of creative writing. However, as a coach, my focus is to help you write as an artist, master the skills you need for your specific genre of interest, and to unblock you.
  4. Fine Arts
    Artwork for sale: Mixed Media Landscape Photography Fine & Decorative Arts Instruction: Collage Mixed Media Textures and Finishes
  5. Creative Writing
    I love language. I'm glad that I'm able to use creatively my two native languages, English and Spanish, As a writer and translator, I love how words can create not only stories that resonate with our humanness but also entire universes that didn't exist before.
  6. Grants & Business
    Grant Writer Grant Writing Coach for Non-Profits Goal Setting Coach for Artists & Arts Organizations Grant Writing & Goal Setting Workshops & Seminars